How to use GIFs in Emails

Let me guess: you are a marketer or an e-commerce manager and you want to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns? That’s logical, because you can always get a better performance and use new ways to engage with your users, visitors or followers. Although using GIFs in emails isn’t necessarily new, it is […]

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Our 10 best GIFs for this summer

The internet is a magical place with an unlimited amount of GIFs! So where to find the best GIFs to use this summer? We’ve got you covered with our top 10 picks you can use to celebrate this summer!1- When you’re leaving on holiday!2 – When you want to go swimming!3 – When you want […]

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Thank GIF for Google

People are creating and using more and more GIFs in their way of communicating. Even Google is committing and support the fact that GIFs have become an essential part of communication. In fact, Google has seen a nearly tripled search volume for GIFs on Google Images over the past five years.Of course, it is no […]

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