Increased sales effectiveness of your email marketing for Shopify

Automated Shopify emails are a great way to communicate
with your customers. Supercharging your emails with Giffify
turns them from simply communicating to your customers into
engaging with them.

Using Giffify is easy!

You simply install the Shopify app

You implement the Giffify shortcodes into your stores' automated emails

You choose the best GIFs to tell your story

Start sending and start earning!

Trust the data

Many companies have tested with GIFs in their emails and saw amazing results. BlueFly found a 12% increase in revenue generated from emails with GIFs. And Dell Computers started using GIFs and saw increases of 103% for conversion, 42% for click-through rate, and a 109% increase in revenue; all from emails with GIFs! So why not test it for yourself and see how your data looks when using GIFs!

Ready to use Giffify!